Saxby- The Red Rascal

Meet Saxby. Saxby is the newest addition to our family. Following in the large paw prints of our Fine Wine Canine, Finley, he has enthusiastically jumped into the roles of co-pilot/road trip companion for our travels, as well as the Chief Canine Officer for our business coaching and consulting company. From requiring us to walk a minimum of four miles per day to warming our feet under the desk to enforcing regular play breaks, Saxby takes his personal and professional duties seriously.

In his free time, he loves to hike, “assist” with gardening, attempt to sit or stand on every piece of furniture in the house, and is an official K9 Member of El Paso County (Colorado) Search and Rescue. Named for a henchman in the James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever, Saxby is sweet, sassy, and always sniffing.