Donut Digest: Bizmallow Caramel- Amy’s Donuts, Colorado Springs, CO

Donuts, donuts everywhere! While there actually aren’t donuts everywhere (we can dream though…), our move to Colorado Springs certainly felt like we’d stumbled into the magical land of donuts. In Grand Junction, we had a great go-to for our donut cravings at the locally-owned Home Style Bakery; but sadly, they were closed on Sunday and Monday, so we had to be sure that our cravings fell during the rest of the week. Imagine our excitement when we moved to Colorado Springs and found that there were multiple independent donut shops and five Dunkin’ Donuts (always a good standby)- all open seven days a week, some 24 hours a day! Imagine access to donuts whenever we want. It’s almost more than my brain can handle…

Just three days after the movers came and buried us in what felt like a zillion boxes to unpack, we decided to unbury ourselves and find some donuts…for celebratory reasons. A quick perusal of the interwebs found that one donut shop continued to top each list, Amy’s Donuts, so off we went. In a former Dairy Queen, Amy’s has only been open since 2013, but it has already made itself known and loved. Painted in what could best be described as riotous colors and murals, involving a lot pink and orange, Amy’s is hard to miss. Step inside and the mental overload continues as you are greeted by not one, or two, but three cases full of different flavors of donuts. Thankfully there was plenty of room for us to step back to try and narrow down our choices. While we easily could have walked out with two dozen donuts, and not even made a dent in the options available, we settled on six- Jay’s usual go-to of an Old Fashioned, my usual go-to of Blueberry Cake, a glazed cake for comparison purposes, and a Cherry Lemon, a Creme Brûlée, and a Bizmallow Caramel. It was a serious debate over whether we would review the Creme Brûlée or the Bismallow; but in the end, it was the marshmallows that won, at least for me. Me, who loves s’mores so much that she’ll toast marshmallows over the stove if the urge strikes, is somehow married someone who doesn’t like marshmallows…I just don’t understand.

Named the Bizmallow because its topping contains both marshmallows and Biscoff, I must admit that I had to look up Biscoff once I got home. My research found that Biscoff is cookie butter, “an irresistible, spreadable treat made from Lotus Speculoos Cookies”, which is helpful but now leaves me having to find these cookies! The donut was a raised sugar with a nice, fluffy texture, a bit surprising because there was a large volume of topping. Atop the tasty donut was a mix of marshmallow fluff, Biscoff, and a caramel drizzle. Well-integrated flavors of toasted marshmallow, cocoa, and caramel were the perfect match to the crumble (not sure of what, but tasty) on top. Maintaining fluffiness and structure despite the topping, made each a perfectly balanced bite of topping and donut. I’m pretty sure that after every bite, I had to stop and savor the amazing flavors, it was that good.

We’ve been back a few times, but have been restrained and stuck to some of the more traditional flavors…at least for now. Except for the $1 bag of donut holes, we’ve been back a few times (ok, almost weekly) for those.