Two-Lane Tidbit: Alpine Hose #2, Georgetown, CO

A mining town created during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush in 1859, Georgetown, CO found its riches in silver. The local mines were so prosperous that it once rivaled Leadville as the mining capital of Colorado and earned the title of “Silver Queen of Colorado”. Georgetown had more than 10,000 residents in its heyday, compared to its current population of about 1,000, and was once considered for the capital of Colorado. Now more of a sleepy town, it is the only municipality in the state that operates under a charter from the Territory of Colorado, rather than the State of Colorado (incorporated in 1876). One of the most recognizable buildings in town is Alpine Hose No. 2, a volunteer fire company formed in 1874. One of four fire companies at the time of its incorporation, Georgetown clearly had some outstanding firefighters as it is the only original wood and frame constructed town in Colorado that did not suffer a catastrophic fire. Built between 1875 and 1880, the building is now home to the Georgetown Firefighting Museum and the 60-foot tower at the rear of the building still houses the 1,200 pound bell donated in 1880 by local mining tycoon William Hamill (great-great-great grandfather of actor Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker), and continues to ring every thirty minutes.