Two-Lane Tidbit: Bathtub Row, Los Alamos, NM

Once home to the Los Alamos Ranch School faculty, the buildings along the road that once ran through the school property in Los Alamos, NM became the residences of the most prestigious scientists involved in the Manhattan Project. At a time when homes with bathtubs were considered a luxury and were only being built with showers due to iron scarcity because of the war; these homes were constructed pre-WWII and had bathtubs, leading to the coveted houses along 20th Street becoming known as Bathtub Row. The town grew up around these houses and they were eventually sold to private owners, though they still remain part of the Los Alamos National Historical Landmark District. Residents and the local historical society petitioned in 2007 to have the name of the road officially changed to Bathtub Row, as it had been called for so many years, and were successful.