Two-Lane Tidbit: Santa Rosa de Lima, Abiquiu, NM

These ruins are all that remain of the village of Santa Rosa de Lima which was located near present-day Abiquiu, NM. Around 1730, settlers started moving to the Chama River Valley and by 1744, the village constructed a church on the town plaza and there were at least 20 families settled nearby. Raids by local Ute and Comanche tribes lead to the settlement being abandoned shortly after in 1747. A few years later, a new settlement was established about a mile away in Abiquiu and the original village was mostly abandoned, with the exception of the Santa Rosa de Lima church which remained in use until the 1930s. Little remains of the village except for the church ruins which are now owned by the Santa Fe Archdiocese. Easy to miss as you take in the beautiful scenery along US Highway 84, be sure to stop (even if it involves turning around as we did) and take in the views and the history as you walk around the ruins.