Two-Lane Tidbit: Wheat Growers Hotel, Kimball, NE

When it opened in 1918, the Wheat Growers Hotel in Kimball, NE was said to be “the most glamorous hotel between Omaha and Denver”. Just a few blocks off the Lincoln Highway, future president Eisenhower stayed at the hotel in 1919 while traveling across the country on the Lincoln Highway with the Motor Transport Corps Convoy (a fascinating story and book). With 86 modern rooms providing plumbing, steam heat, and electricity, as well as a huge ballroom, the hotel was host to many fabulous parties. Difficult financial times during the ‘20s and the Dust Bowl during the ‘30s were hard on the hotel, but the 26 trains that passed through town daily helped it stay alive. In later years, oil workers and missile base employees used the hotel until it was finally closed in 1988. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002, there are plans to restore the hotel but they are currently on hold.