In 2016, we sold our winery in Western Colorado to follow our dream of traveling the country to see the sights and taste the wines from across America. Traveling the open road to find the remnants of the time when America’s greatest love was the car and road trips were a way of life, we want to experience Americana, Mid-Century Modern architecture, roadside diners, kitschy curio shops, tourist traps and more!

Our name, Tin Sheets to the Wind, was born of three sources. It combines the tin (often slang for aluminum) from which our Airstream, Stan, was made; the cliché, three sheets to the wind, an homage to our career as winemakers; and the wind which was vital to our winery and the inspiration for the names of our wines- Canyon Wind Cellars and Anemoi Wines.

Who are we? Meet us here!

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