Dear Saxby

Dear Saxby,

I’m sorry that we never had the chance to meet, but I can already tell that you will take good care of my mom (Jen) and dad (Jay). I know that they are sad right now, but please be patient with them. We spent nearly every day together for almost nine years, an inseparable pack of three that shared some of the best years of our lives. Throughout that entire time, they loved me very much and provided me with a life that can only be described as amazing. From goofing around on 15-hour long days in the winery, to wrestling every night after dinner, to road tripping tens of thousands of miles together through 44 states, 20 national parks, and to more goofy roadside stops and tourist attractions than I can count, we had so many wonderful experiences and the best part is that we did them all together.

I have no doubt that Jen and Jay will take equally as good care of you and provide you too with a lifetime of incredible experiences. They loved me very much and have grieved tremendously since losing me, so I know that they have so much love to give to you. Since I can’t be there with them to provide comfort, only watch from above, please promise me you’ll take good care of them. Dad loved when I would lie next to the recliner at night, so that he could reach down and pet me every so often. Mom loved how I would just sit and listen to her stories and have her tell me every single day that I was the “most handsomest dog in the whole world”, which while it seemed obvious and a touch silly, was sweet and might have gone to my head…just a little.

I can see that you are already showing lots of personality and will no doubt develop your own Saxby-isms. Since you’ve taken on my old job, I thought it might be helpful if I passed along some tips.

If someone is in the kitchen, it is your duty to be as much in the way as possible. Though both mom and dad might grumble about tripping over you, don’t worry. By staying here, you are guaranteed a taste of whatever they are preparing (so long as it’s safe for you to eat). It is virtually impossible for them to ignore you when you sit there. To be sure you seal the deal, don’t be afraid to give them your cutest and/or most pathetic look.

Anytime someone is on the floor, it is mandatory that you must climb all over them. In particular, you should do this with Jay, as we used to wrestle every night after dinner. As soon as the plates go into the kitchen, it’s your time to act. Some days it may take Jay an extra few minutes to warm up to being jumped on and scratched (accidentally, of course), but he’ll get into it and love every minute- I promise. You may forget in your excitement sometimes, but the softer toys seem to be a little less painful for him. I suggest the frisbee, it was a favorite for both of us.

When Jen and Jay are getting dressed in the morning, it’s important that you do a “pants sniff check” so that you can determine what you will be doing that day. It might take you some time, but you’ll learn the difference between sweatpants, workout clothes, and jeans. If your sniff analysis leads to a determination of sweatpants, be prepared to nap a bit longer as Jen and Jay will be drinking a lot of coffee before doing anything else. If Jay puts on running shorts, then your day is off to great start, as you’ll shortly be headed to Bear Creek Park for a run. No pair of pants, however, is as exciting as the hiking pants. Squeak, run in circles, hop up-and-down, you’re about to have the best day! 

Learn what Chick-Fil-A is and be sure to try the French fries. Jen and Jay are kind of suckers, so you’ll probably get to try a few more bites of people food than you should. If there is any food that you must try (and you should try as many as possible), it is the French fries from Chick-Fil-A. Just like in the kitchen, muster up your most pathetic look and start begging (the more starving you look, the better). Bonus points for drool.

Don’t be subtle about fully stretching out to gain maximum bed space.
You may be small now, but it won’t be long before you’re big enough to push Jen and Jay around on the bed. When I was younger, they tried to keep me off the bed. However, over the years I used my powers of persuasion and threw my weight around (literally) and eventually became the “Western Yellow-Bellied Bed Hog”, as they liked to call me. Jen is a warm sleeper so to keep everyone from being totally miserable, I used to sleep with my back against Jay. I found that if I pushed my legs into Jen, I could get some good leverage and push Jay just enough so that I could be fully stretched out and very comfortable. They may protest some initially, but be patient, they’ll give in. Trust me, you too can be the king of the bed.

I’m sure it probably feels like you have a big job, following in my paw prints, but I have no doubt that you’ll be great. On the days when Jen and Jay are sad or if they get frustrated with you, just remember you’re simply being there is the best gift you can give to them. Your job is actually quite simple, just enjoy the time you’ll spend together and soak up the immense amount of love that Jen and Jay have to give to you.

I’ll be watching over all of you and waiting for the day when we can be together again. Many, many thanks for taking care of my two favorite people in the whole world. Sending all my love and furious tail wags from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

– Finley

P.S. Just so you have an idea of the love you’ll receive and the fun you are going to have throughout your life, here are some of my favorite pictures of me with Jen and Jay.

4 thoughts on “Dear Saxby

  1. Vikki Kourkouliotis Reply

    Oh, I am so sorry for the loss of Finley. I have had my very own “stuffed Finley” for years. He was a lucky dog to have had so many good years with you. Can’t wait to see pics of Saxby.

    1. Cynthia Hovland Reply

      A teary read for sure. Sweet and sad, sad and sweet. Glad Finley is watching over you all and I truly feel he guided you in your pick of Saxby.
      Saxby, I have no doubt that you’ll put your own spin on things and have a wonderful fun, loving, marvelous life with Jen and Jay. And I can’t wait to hear all about it.
      Hugs to ALL! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
      (A heart for each human and dog.)

  2. Hank and Pam Reply

    Very nicely written…..A tribute to Finley and a welcome to Saxby…..And some beautiful memories in pictures of Finley!

  3. Debbi Horseman Powers Reply

    I should have known better than to start reading before I got the Kleenex box. Saxby, you will have a wonderful life. And don’t be surprised if Finley sends you little ideas on how you can help your Mom and Dad. His loving presence will surround your family. Puppy kisses are the best, but big dog hugs are pretty great too. ????❤️????

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