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In April 2019, we lost our fur baby and road trip companion, Finley- The Fine Wine Canine, to a rare form of cancer. In a span of less than six weeks, we went from hiking his favorite trail (there was nothing Finley loved more than hiking) to saying goodbye to our very best friend. The end came quickly, and thankfully for Finley, was swift and painless. We are so heartbroken, but incredibly blessed to have had this amazing, larger than life creature in our lives and the ability to share with so many his obvious love of life and adventures. 

Back before we were Tin Sheets to the Wind, we owned a winery in Western Colorado. Finley was a big part of the winery and for a number of years we produced a wine named Finley’s Red Paw, which we sold along with 7” miniature Finley stuffed animals to benefit a local animal charity. When we sold the winery, we still had a few boxes of these “Mini Finnies” left, which made the move with us to our current home. With Finley gone, we’d love to see these guys go to loving homes rather than sit in our closet, so we are selling the remaining ones with all proceeds being donated to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Please join us in support of canine cancer research, so that someday no one will have to suffer this same loss.

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  1. Karen Martiny Reply

    I just ordered a Minnie Finnie to help fight Finley’s cancer. I’m so sorry to hear this, and please know that you’ll all be in my thoughts and prayers to get through this. Finley is such a wonderful dog, and he’s had so many wonderful years with both of you, getting to enjoy being a wine dog and then traveling and seeing so many amazing places. I know you’ll do all you can to keep him comfortable and happy. Vic and I are living out in Fruita now on 2 acres just north of town and really enjoy the peace and quiet compared to the crazy tourist traffic in Breckenridge. Wish you guys were still out here, but I love reading your posts from your travels. Give Finley a big hug for us. Thank you again for helping to save the lives of so many other pets through your Finley’s Paw fundraiser for Animal Rescue of the Rockies. I shared Finley’s need and your website link on our ARR Facebook page to encourage others to order their own Minnie Finnie’s, too.

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