Two-Lane Tidbit: Crossan’s M&A Market, Yampa, CO

A tiny town with just one paved road, Yampa, CO, which lies between Steamboat Springs and Vail, is home to Crossan’s M&A Market. The heart of town for decades, it opened in 1903 in anticipation of the coming railroad and was the community general store until its closure in 1964. After its closure, it sat empty, a true time capsule with 1960s merchandise still on shelves and a 1964 calendar hanging on the wall, and was in danger of being demolished until 2013 when it was saved and later rehabilitated through the Colorado Preservation program for endangered places. Owned by the town of Yampa since 2006, it was rededicated in 2018 and is now used as the Town Hall and a visitor’s center and museum.

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